Thank you for searching for “Bankruptcy Attorney Los Angeles”. While this TV show idea is not yet in production, (it hasn’t been pitched to the studios, hasn’t been picked up by a major broadcaster, hasn’t had its pilot episode filmed, heck, it hasn’t even been written yet!) it does sound like a good premise for a reality TV show, doesn’t it?

 “Bankruptcy Attorney Los Angeles”, here’s a sample for the opening voice-over: “If you are struggling with a debt problem caused by expensive medical bills, messy divorce proceedings, nasty business practices, or even overspending, and are a resident of the Los Angeles area and would like some more information about the bankruptcy process from a qualified financial expert, call your local bankruptcy attorney Los Angeles lawyer today.”

Yeah, you’re right. It’s a stronger “call-to-action” that would play better just before the end credits.

But still—do you have questions about the cost for filing for bankruptcy? Are you worried about which types of household goods are exempt and which are not? Are you wondering what might happen if you are forced by circumstances to liquidate your intellectual property? (well, um, you should definitely consult with an intellectual property lawyer as well as a bankruptcy attorney Los Angeles firm).

If you have questions like the ones above, call your bankruptcy attorney Los Angeles firm.  Have a meeting. Learn what you need to know in order to protect what is rightfully yours. Oh sure, people think that it’s just an exaggeration that everybody in L.A. has a script of some kind—even plumbers who’d come to fix your kitchen sink—but in your case, it’s true, and before you had your chance to shop your script around, the real world has taken a severe chunk out of your hide. So call a bankruptcy attorney Los Angeles firm today to find out how filing for bankruptcy right now can save you financially, and get you back out there to sell your story to see it on the screen, big or little. (There’s a lot of TV being watched on tablets and cellphones too—don’t forget that market!)

“Bankruptcy. Be bold. Be brave. It will only hurt for a little while.”
“It’s like the ‘auto-correct’ for your financial life,”
“It’s not the end of the world, it just feels like it.”

If your reality is that of high medical bills owing, bad checks, insufficient funds in the bank, the stressed out life of living from paycheck to paycheck, hoping that the job is safe, the kids don’t get sick, and it feels like you’ll never catch up. If you have tried many other forms of debt relief, and you still haven’t be able to clear your name from the debt column, and are seriously considering filing for bankruptcy, take the next step which is to set up an appointment with a bankruptcy attorney Los Angeles firm. Reality TV is fine entertainment, but it is still TV. Your reality is the more important concern. Seek professional help when you need it.