People think of every possible way to get clean and crisp water, many choose reverse osmosis, many go for bottled water and many opt for home water test kits. Apart from these options, Berkey water filters are considered highly reliable for their durability, versatility, lightweight and performance. You can rely on Berkey water filters for removing pathogenic bacteria, VOCs, parasites, mercury, lead etc.

When it comes to the process of reverse osmosis, you can rely on it for removing all the harmful chemicals, but you cannot rely on them for removing the pathogenic bacteria without adding a UV light to it. According to many reports, collected so far reverse osmosis has failed in many cases.

Filtration process used between Berkey water filters and reverse osmosis is the same. Berkey water filters use micro-porous filtration and gravity to eliminate toxins and reverse osmosis use osmotic pressure to pressurize water through semi-permeable membrane.

One of the major differences between Berkey water filters and the process of reverse osmosis is that Berkey water filters guarantee that all useful minerals are retained in water after the filtration procedure is over. It is not the same with reverse osmosis. The process of reverse osmosis removes all minerals with impurities as well.

According to health experts, people should not rely on reverse osmosis water for long. This is because the water is turned into hypotonic solution in course of the filtration procedure. Minerals contained in lymphatic system and blood gets transformed into hypotonic water, which flushes away from water later on. Loss of minerals for a long time results in degenerative diseases known as osteoporosis.

This is not the case with Berkey water filters as the essential minerals are retained to ensure the body gets all the essential nutrients.

When it comes to stating difference between reverse osmosis and Berkey water filters, the other major difference lies in the fact that Berkey water filters can be carried anywhere, and you won't have to worry much about the cleaning procedures. With reverse osmosis, you need to disassemble the whole thing to clean it. Moreover, it is not possible for you to take it anywhere you want.

You can look for more resources online and get an idea why Berkey water filters are the best solution for you. With Berkey water filters, you can enjoy the peace of mind that your family gets a supply of clean and fresh drinking water. This frees your mind from the concerns of water borne diseases that your family might suffer from, while relying on contaminated water for long.

When you look online for information on Berkey water filters, you can look into the different sizes, shapes and types of water filters and choose the one that suits your requirements the best. There are large sized water filters available for big families and small sizes for four family members as well. Collecting sufficient information online will help you make an informed decision.