Two people planning a life together often look forward to the honeymoon more than the wedding. They see the wedding as a single day that takes months of planning and stress to prepare for and the honeymoon as an escape from their hectic lives and the aftermath of planning and executing the major event that was their wedding. This approach does not have to be the standard though. Couples can consider a better alternative: having a wedding and a honeymoon together so that both events can be romantic and serene. And what could be more romantic and serene than a wedding and honeymoon in Greece?

Planning a destination wedding seems like a challenge, but these days many travel companies will help couples plan the wedding and the honeymoon at the same time. What that means is that many of the decisions normally made individually—venue, menu, music—are made by the travel company, so couples save huge amounts of time and stress. All the bride and groom have to do is let their travel/wedding planner know what they want for their wedding and honeymoon in Greece and then leave the rest to the professional. While many couples choose a Greek island destination, there are plenty of spots on the mainland to choose from as well. Couples have many beautiful choices, from being surrounded by the shimmering sand and the crystal waters of the Aegean to taking their vows at dramatic ancient ruins.

Joining a wedding and a honeymoon in Greece into one event is an option for any type of wedding, large or small. The happy couple can choose to invite dozens of friends and family to join them, or they can choose to have an intimate wedding with just themselves and two witnesses. They may even decide to elope to Greece and stay on for their honeymoon. Any wedding plan that can be arranged at home, wherever that is, can also be arranged in Greece.

A wedding and honeymoon in Greece are a great plan for couples who want a glorious outdoor wedding but who live in climates where this is risky because the weather is cool, wet or unpredictable even in the summer. The weather in Greece is typically mild, especially in the islands, even in the winter. This climate allows couples who have sentimental reasons to get married in the winter months to do so outdoors when they wouldn’t be able to in their hometown. The couple gets the best of both worlds without having to make any sacrifices.

Perhaps the best reason to have a wedding and a honeymoon in Greece is convenience and speed… as soon as the wedding is over, the honeymoon can begin because the couple is already where they want to be. This eliminates the need for getting on a plane hours after the nuptials and arriving at the honeymoon destination tense and exhausted. Instead, the flying is well behind them before the wedding takes place, and afterwards they can head immediately to whatever pleasures their hearts desire on their honeymoon in Greece.

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