Art is something that takes many different forms, many of these forms quite unexpected and surprising. For many people, the term “art” typically conjures up images of paintings and sculptures. However art is even wider in scope, with things like architecture and poetry falling under this broad and diverse heading. The performing arts include things such as dancing, acting, and singing, all of which allow an artist to convey a message with their voice or body. Acrobatics is an art form that is especially engaging and fascinating to view. Whether in groups or individually, acrobats display immense flexibility, coordination and bravery for the audience at hand. Acrobatics is a beautiful combination of dance and gymnastics with an extra element of agility. Onlookers of acrobatics will delight at the beauty and poise of the human form and hold their breath in apprehension of the daring feats that are being performed. Chinese acrobats are particularly skilled and showcase a form of acrobatics that has been around for thousands of years and is world-renowned.

Chinese acrobats are well trained in the art of acrobatics and are certainly a sight to be seen. Acrobats who practice Chinese acrobatics often train for many years and from a very young age. The development of flexibility is crucial to being an acrobat, as is the learning of rhythm and balance. The muscle coordination required to carry out daring stunts and acts takes a great deal of time and patience to develop. Though Chinese acrobats make their craft look entirely natural and effortless, in reality, the high level of performance they exhibit is incredibly difficult and requires a great deal of skill.

This type of acrobatics originated approximately 2000 years ago. It is a large part of Chinese culture and history that is often further showcased in other forms of art, such as painting and sculpture. Today, people worldwide greatly enjoy this wonderful facet of Chinese culture. The unison that Chinese acrobats display is perfectly timed. Routines carried out by Chinese acrobats are often daring with many acrobats flying many feet into the air and landing with grace and poise. Somersaults and leaps through the air will have you leaving the show breathless. Chinese acrobats often use no props, supplying only their bodies as the performance piece. Some displays of acrobatics feature items such as chairs and tight ropes to enthrall the audience even further.

There are several exhibits worldwide that feature acrobats throughout the year. Many Chinese acrobats are in high demand and tour worldwide, captivating and exciting all of the audiences they encounter. Performances can be very different and two are never the same. Many Chinese acrobatics performances feature only two acrobats, working entirely off one another to effectively engage audiences with thousands of people. Other performances feature a large amount of acrobats, often synchronized and working in groups to create a large image for the audience. Whether in small or large groups, these acrobatics often tells a beautiful story conveyed entirely through the body and background music.