Apart from Yoga, Pilates has become one of the most popular forms of exercises these days. Pilates is a good way to enhance the body's core and flexibility as well. If you want to improve on your balance, stability, coordination and posture, it is certainly one of the best options for you. There are several myths about Pilates that keep people away from such exercises. Reading this article will help you get a clear idea about Pilates.

It is a myth that Pilates are basically enjoyed by the dancers. Founder of Pilates was a boxer and gymnast. Joseph Pilates strongly believed that for proper body movements, rehabilitation was very essential. He thus developed his own set of exercises, where he used springs to attach to hospital beds to make the exercise easier and reduce the chances of injuries. This made it possible for any willing individual to practice Pilates.

It is nothing but a myth that Pilates is a fad. Pilates has become a "fashionable" and "trendy" option these days and are not only common among the celebrities, but among the common people as well. These exercises are meant for getting a lean, thin, and stronger body.

You will be reeling under a wrong impression, if you think that Pilates are for the rich, who can afford the expensive machines and equipment. Yes, it is a fact that some of the instruments used are costly, yet you can get the cheaper options like exercise balls, exercise bands, exercise mat and a foam roll to perform the workouts.

Pilates is not only about the stretching exercises. There are advanced sessions involved that includes different kinds of exercises. It is a good way to increase your core strength and flexibility as well. Pilates revolves around one of the principles that stretched and toned muscles are less susceptible to wear and tears. Flexibility plays a very important role when it comes to participating in sports as well as other kinds of activities to retain your physical fitness.

You will be making a mistake to think that Pilates is another form of Yoga. Joseph Pilates agrees to the fact that calisthenics, Tai Chi, boxing, Yoga influenced him to a considerable extent. Pilates may be similar to Yoga to some extent, but both are actually different. While there is meditation in Yoga, there is a more thoughtful motion in Pilates.

Most of the people thinks just because Pilates is associated with flexibility, it has got something to do with women only. The fact is this is nothing but a myth. You will definitely get a flexible body with fluid movements, however; men can also practice them.

So, if you think you are interested in Pilates and looking forward to a leaner, thinker and stronger body, you will certainly benefit from attending a reputed Pilates class. All you need to do is look online for the best Pilates classes in and around your locality.

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