Do you wish you could travel back in time? Don’t have access to a DeLorean or a reasonable supply of plutonium? Don’t worry! These days, there is another vehicle that can assist you with your time travel needs. You might have heard of it. It is called an airplane. It has the power to turn run-of-the-mill Greece vacations into a journey through ancient history

When arrive for your Greece vacations, you will indeed see many modern sights and sites. Men and women wearing jeans, people driving cars, shoppers flocking to stores with electricity and modern plumbing – but do not let these things fool you. Be assured that they are all just smoke and mirrors, and that you have indeed reversed through the space time continuum and are back in time, with the ancient Greeks. Still don’t believe me? Just take a look at the Parthenon over at the Acropolis. The massive stone columns are breathtaking, and truly more magnificent in their simplicity and precision than any modern architect could dream of building. The famous temple, built between the years of 447 BC and 432 BC, is still standing, strong and mighty. Surely it could not be more than a few years old. This must mean that you have indeed traveled back through time, making possible ancient Greece vacations.

Let us now head into the city of Athens, where we will find the Temple of Olympian Zeus. Zeus, the leader of the gods, and the ruler of Mount Olympus, is paid honor and worshipped here. The temple was built in approximately 100 AD and much of it still remains, as well as other temples and a defensive wall in the area. Above all, the spirit of ancient Greece remains here, in this cultural landmark.

Now let us continue our trip to the past to Delphi, a popular stop for ancient Greece vacations. We can visit the Tholos, a circular building surrounded by beautiful Doric columns. Once you are finished there, you can head over to Delphi’s Treasury of the Athenians, which is only a short distance away. Built in the fifth century, the building once housed sporting trophies. Though you will find it empty now, as you walk through you can still hear the victorious cries of the first Olympians, bringing home the prize for their homeland of Greece.

No ancient Greece vacations are complete without a visit to the original Olympics. Olympia, located in West Peloponnesus, was the site of the original Olympic Games in the year 776 BC. Every fourth year, an athletic competition is still held in the same location in honor of the god Zeus. We know that now, in modern times, Greek gods are generally thought of as mythological, so if games are still being held for Zeus, surely we have traveled back in time. What tradition could stand the test of time over almost three millennia? Not many.

When you arrive home from your Greece vacations, your friends might not believe that you actually traveled back in time. Your family might not believe you, and neither will your coworkers, but you know the truth. You took in the sights, the feeling, and the spirit of ancient Greece. You saw the temples, the statues, and the stone buildings with your own two eyes. You know you were there and that is all that matters.