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Tudor Home Floor Plans

June 3, 2013
Tudor revival in America rose towards the end of the 19th century and became very popular between the two World Wars. The Tudor style home was an outgrowth of the Queen Anne architecture for its versatile design and storybook like charm. The impact of the house varied from simple dormer on the little house to the grand manor in the medieval ages. English cottage cousin as well as the Tudor home floor plans continues the most influential designs in the American contemporary architectural style. The Tudor homes reflect a rustic and simple design, imitating the county houses and medieval cottages.

Revival of the Tudor house floor designs include some modest characteristics such as pitched thatched roofs, high chimneys, dormer, tall mullioned windows, overhanging first floors perched above porches, half timbering that offers more striking effects and styles to the Tudor homes.  Tudor styles are a reaction to the embroidered, elaborate Victorian Gothic revival of the late 19th century.

Instances of Tudor revival can be seen in both palatial and small homes. The cottage styles homes are the common variant and smaller in size. The cottage style homes can be found in the house pattern books of the 20’s and 30’s. Cross gabled roofs and the steep pitches constitute the striking characteristic of the English cottage style homes and the Tudor homes. The gable and second storey is often decorated with half timbering. Multi pane windows are slender and tall, with lead muntins or wood separating the panels. The large chimneys are decorated with attractive chimney pots.

The siding can be of wood shingle, clapboard, stucco, stone or brick. In the 20th century incarnation brick was used on different combination of siding and balloon framework. Today, different types of roofing materials are used on the roof, however; mostly the false thatched roofing materials are used to wrap around the eaves. This offers a charming effect to the English style cottage house plans. Parapeted gables constitute another prominent feature.

Another feature of the Tudor revival style is the windows. The casement types with double hung windows open out. Multiple windows are arranged asymmetrically across the façade with multi paned sashes that are separated by lead muntins or wood. English cottage and Tudor style homes offer combination of the following features: asymmetrical design, one and a half to two stories tall, steeply pitched roof, cross-gabled roofs, ornamental brickwork, over-scaled chimneys along with chimney pots and half timbering slender windows.

Tudor home floor plans are a characteristic of the 20th century revival and have regained its popularity even today because it offers comfortable living facilities.  The English cottage homes are cozy as well as comfortable.

So, if you are looking for the perfect house plan with modern amenities, you can browse online and look into the different house plans to choose the one that suits the individual requirements of your family. An architect can help you find the right house plan, so that you can enjoy the best moments of your life in your dream home.

This article was written by Shavon Browing, on behalf of Monster House Plans, offering you diverse house plans to choose from. To know about the purpose of house plans, you may also visit Wiki.answers.

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