Craftsman house plans have become very popular these days. There seem to be an increase in love among the buyers for elegant simplicity and country finish designs. The craftsman house plans of today are extensions of the home design movement that has its roots to the crafts and arts legacy of the 19th century. Features of these house plans include elegant design, massive square footages, attention to detail, wood finished quality, and livability.

Front porch of the craftsman house plans constitutes one of the primary features of these house plans. The design style includes battened door with wrought-iron hinges along with paired inviting porch. The front porch spans the width of the exterior front façade that is supported by round columns and heavy square in contrast to the bold exterior stone chimneys.

Open floor plan is another feature of the craftsman house plan. There are few hallways with large sized windows to allow light inside. The leaned and stained glass windows are included along with built-in-cabinets, dark wood wainscoting moldings and beamed ceilings to create a welcoming cozy retreat for casual entertaining and family activities.

Craftsman style house plans come in stone, wood, low pitched roof along with wide eaves with visible wood rafters. These homes are similar to Bungalow, Pueblo style, Prairie, and can be one of the best options for those looking for a new house plan.

If you are looking for a country home plan, you will certainly love the homely and livable place to live with country casual porch frontages and unassuming statures. These country style homes will make you feel like you are living in a proper “home”.

If you are looking for a good craftsman house plan, keeping in mind certain tips will help you to take the right decision:

1.    Plan your budget ahead of time so that you can stay fully prepared even after the project gets completed. This will reduce substantial amount of your headache and you can finish the project in a timely manner as well.

2.    You must consider the environment and aesthetics to understand how the project will look like and if the overall design will clash with the looks of the land.

3.    Surrounding plays a very important role to help people focus on the house. The craftsman house plans bear American characteristics to exhibit a particular feel and look that reminds people of the American family concept.

4.    Space usage increases in a craftsman house plan. So, if you are looking for maximum space utilization, the craftsman house plans are certainly one of the best options.

Keeping in mind these tips will help you to easily find the right craftsman house plans for your family.

So, if you are looking for a suitable craftsman house plan, you can browse online through the different sites and choose the plan that suits your requirements the best.

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