It is very important that women are aware of the self-defense moves to ensure their safety on the deserted urban streets. While women can also let the steel do all the talking by getting a concealed carry permit for the semi-automatic trusted pistol. Now you have the Flashbang holster to carry the pistol with you.

The Flashbang holster is designed keeping in mind the safety concerns of women. This holster rests below the chest horizontally directly to the center between the two cups of the ladies bra. The handgun is positioned in such a way that it grips the central part of the body, where it is not easily accessible. The barrel and cylinder of the handgun rests inside one of the cups of the bra. The gun is not brought out through opening by grip, it is rather pulled down straight through the KYDEX hard thermoplastic clamshell.

Before the popularity of Flashbang holster, women had to conceal their weapons in the large baggy waistline holsters or in the purse they carried with them. Flashbang holster ensures that the handgun is within your reach and concealed under your t-shirt. Moreover, the gun remains unnoticed even if you are wearing something fashionable or tight fitting. You can choose from three different band sizes and adjust them according to your body shapes. Hand guns such as Ruger LCP, Kahr P380, Ruger LCP w/ Crimson Trace, &W Boduguard .38, Kel Tec .380, Taurus TCP, Sig P238, S&W Bodyguard .380, J Frame Revolvers w/ Crimson Trace,Ruger LCR, Glock 26 and 27**, J Frame Revolvers, Diamondback D89 and Kimber Solo can easily fit into a Flashbang holster.

A Flashbang holster is not just about hiding and looking pretty with the things you are packing. According to the statistical reports, gunfights do not last for more than 2.5 seconds and they are usually pretty close. To ensure paramount safety, it is good to carry an undetectable weapon with you. Even if you are not that practiced, you will definitely benefit from the easy access to the handgun.

Even if you are a busty woman and wondering if the cup size of your bra will effect concealment, you can keep such concerns at bay. A Flashbang holster comes with molded fit and each of them goes with intended firearm. This ensures that your handgun stays in place even if you are engaged in rigorous activities. You should be very careful about using the right model holster to avoid cases of injuries and accidents. So, if you are planning to get a bra holster, try to get one for the model and make gun of yours.

If you want to carry a concealed gun with you for your safety, you need to ask for US permits. Forty-six states in the United Nations of America requires permit to possess a concealed gun. This will ensure that any man will have to think twice before messing around with you, when you are roaming around the streets of Wyoming, Vermont, Arizona, or Alaska.