What are holsters and why do individuals buy a pocket holster? Holsters are useful for carrying a gun and pocket holsters are useful for carrying small weapon in the front, trouser, and jacket pocket. A well designed pocket holster can be useful to an individual in several ways such as - providing a safe way for carrying the weapon and to cover up the weapon. It should be properly constructed to break-up the outline of the weapon, and make the weapon easily accessible. With the different designs of pocket holsters available in the market, it can be difficult for an individual to choose the right one but reading this article can make their search easy.


When shopping for a pocket holster, it is advisable to consider few important features such as safety, design, comfort, durability, and adjustment. In the world of hostlers, the word safety means that a good quality pocket holster should provide complete protection to the handgun when inserted and removed when being carried by the individual. Moreover, giving importance to the safety feature can help pocket holster users avoid accidents such as pulling of the trigger, as well as prevent both forward and rearward movement of the hammer. Besides these, individuals should invest in a well designed pocket holster that provides comfort and convenience when using the weapon without any hassles. It is good to keep in mind that a pocket holster that provides easy adjustment delivers both comfort and convenience.


An individual willing to purchase a pocket holster should give importance to concealment too, as it does not help others know that one is armed. Additionally, a pocket holster should make it easy for the quick drawing of the weapon while sporting and shooting. One of the popular pocket holsters is "rigid-walled" holsters, as it makes it easy to re-holster the weapon after using the weapon. Individuals should consider buying concealed pockets holsters to keep the weapon without the knowledge of others.

A pocket holster is usually made of leather and the commonly used fabric in a holster is ballistic nylon, which adds to its stiffness and resistance. However, pocket holsters that are made of molded plastics are also a popular choice. Individuals are advised to shop for a pocket holster that comes with straps and foldable flaps. It is good to know that proper care and maintenance can add to the durability of the pocket holster. For example, the leather treatment should be rubbed inside to avoid clinging of the handgun to the holster while pulling out. It is important to practice for some time to ensure that perfect fit is achieved. It is recommended to use a damp cloth while cleaning the leather holster and if the holster is dirty, then using a hard glycerin soap would be beneficial. 

One of the popular pocket holster available online is "Grip-It Holster", which provides the comfort and the convenience that the buyers look for in pocket holsters. Moreover, for the feasibility of the users, this pocket holster hides the outline of the handgun and draws position in the pocket. Search online to find an online store selling good quality and durable pocket holster.