Selling alcohol in public involves some key skills and responsibilities that established owners and staffs are required to learn, to ensure the safety of the people and to avoid casualties related to alcohol intoxication. People who want to engage in this activity are suppose to, by law, legally acquire alcohol server training, like an online RSA certificate training– a type of occupational learning provided to persons involved in the sale and service of alcohol to be trained in the responsible service of alcohol. In Australia, this training is referred to as Responsible Service of Alcohol or RSA training. It is compulsory throughout the country for all individuals serving alcohol including bar staff, airline staff, waiting staff in licensed premises, people serving at catered events and so on.

An online RSA Certificate training includes identifying customers who must be refused for sale or service, selling or serving alcohol responsibly, by assisting customers to drink alcohol within limits and assessing alcohol affected customers. This training can either be done online or in a classroom setting. Nowadays, people have the choice of studying in the coziness, in their homes by applying for an online course. They can learn whatever they need to know about RSA and how well they can serve alcohol responsibly, comfortably at home. Getting an online RSA Certificate is definitely faster, cheaper and hassle-free.

There are a lot of benefits of choosing to get a certificate online. Online RSA certificates give a person the option of taking it on their own time and at their own pace. This is not just for those that are able to learn fast, but also for those that require some time to ponder over the information in order to get a good understanding of the concepts. The in-classroom RSA training takes roughly six hours while an online certificate can be obtained within two to three hours depending on the pace with which the training is completed.

An online RSA Certificate can also be acquired from anywhere around the world. Furthermore, online training centers usually give out the certificate in soft copy form, which can be easily saved in the computer and printed out anytime it is needed. If it is lost, there is no need to go to the actual training center to get a hard copy of the certificate.

Getting an online RSA Certificate is usually a little cheaper as well, depending on who is providing the course. Generally the courses are priced in the same range though depending on who offers them. However, an online certificate saves not only the cost of time but also travelling expenses as it can be done from the comfort of one’s own home.

An Online RSA Certificate can be obtained in three easy steps:

1) Select the type of RSA Certificate course needed
2) Pay and enroll for the course
3) Begin the training, either immediately after purchasing or whenever suitable.
Once the course is successfully completed, the online RSA certificate can be easily downloaded and printed. With the Internet age at a peak, an online RSA certificate is the best option for those who are looking to enter the hospitality industry and legally sell alcohol.

This article was written by Lashaun Whitehouse, on behalf of RSA Certificate Now, offering online RSA certification courses that can be completed in less than 3 hours. To know how you can succeed, you may also visit Wikihow.

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