Personality types are as varied as the amount of colours a human can see. This works to make people different from each other in large and small ways. One person may love gardening while another may hate dirt. Each person’s mind operates uniquely with attitudes and desires that may be commonly held, but tend to categorize the population. Despite that, humans are still unique creatures, when viewed singly or together. Yes, little Jimmy, this is where SEO Copywriting comes from.

Because of our uniqueness, we have created a complex society. It is really very big, compared to one human in the wilderness, and very complicated (think about what it takes to run a city…). From ensuring groceries are delivered by paving roads to mail service making sure people are paid. In the recent past, within the last two decades, SEO Copywriting was invented. Its close cousin, advertising copy, has been around for much longer. SEO copywriting is the process of working with a few set keywords and building a well-written, interesting and factual article about the keyword.

These articles, varied for the multiple keywords a business may wish to use, work to increase the search engine ranking of the website the business is working on. So a bakery may want to use ‘Fresh baked bread Edmonton’, depending on what the analytics suggest. SEO copywriting is to Internet advertising the same as what images are to print advertising: very important for a business. Without a presence in the top three search engine results, a business may be hard for the customer to find, despite how useful or competitively run it is.

A huge, phenomenally large, and quite important difference between SEO copywriting and print/radio/television advertising is that it is not nearly as expensive. There are two competitive edges for businesses that handle SEO copywriting. These lie in the areas of pricing and quality. One business may have their list of keywords ready and hire the best price possible. But if the product is not top quality, the business will lose professional dignity in the eyes of consumers. After all, these articles will be read. The right business will help yours become more informative, professional and visible.

Search engine optimization is what the acronym SEO stands for. Wikipedia has a thorough article on its origin, use and qualities. The market for SEO copywriters is vast; there are many businesses to choose from. Only the best are deserving of your money, but what qualities comprise good SEO copywriting? Strong grammar, mechanics and spelling are incredibly important. Without perfect prose in every article, one’s business will suffer. Adherence to deadlines, which the client provides, is the next most important aspect. Like good comedy, a good business has a strong sense of timing. The bottom line for your business is also very important, so consider SEO campaigns along the lines of an investment: one hundred dollars could mean an increase in profits by 100%. Look for an SEO copywriting company or service with a proven track record of success because their success will translate to your success.

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