Many businesses have heard of SEO copywriting, yet remain unsure of what it is and how it can be beneficial.  In this day and age of laptops, Smartphones, tablets and online marketing, having an SEO strategy is important to your business’ success.  SEO is even more crucial for small businesses and start-up companies as it is an inexpensive way to achieve maximum marketing exposure. 

Before revealing the ways SEO copywriting can benefit you, let us first discover exactly what it is.  SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.  When you need to look something up; find a place of business; find a service or need to know information about a person, place or thing, what do you do?  Encyclopedias, trips to the library and the Yellow Pages have been replaced by search engines.  When you want to know something, you simply Google it or look it up using another search engine such as Bing or Ask.  Since most people are connected to a computer or handheld digital device, the information they seek is literally in the palm of their hand.

Businesses have caught onto this phenomenon.  They have realized that some of those questions that need answers can pertain to them.  Where is the best place to buy new tires?  Is there a restaurant nearby serving sushi?  Who are the top lawyers in this city?  What live shows are playing tonight?  These are the types of questions that become profitable for the service providers with the answers.  That is where SEO copywriting comes in. 

Joe’s Tire Shop, for example, hires an SEO optimizer to make sure people find his tire shop when they Google “best place for new tires”.  The SEO optimizer uses SEO copywriting to have phrases such as “best place for new tires”, “reliable tire shop”, and “great affordable tires” cleverly inserted into their website content, into the client’s blog, and in articles that will be posted on various sites online.  When someone is searching for “best place for new tires”, Google picks up the pages with the most prominent use of those keywords and displays them first.  Since searchers rarely click past the first page of search engine results, getting on that first page – particularly in the number one spot – is very desirable.  

Many people wonder if SEO copywriting is legal.  It certainly is.  SEO copywriting is akin to using a jingle or slogan; something to point the buyer in the direction of the seller.  Additionally, Google has very strict rules for SEO copywriting.  Only a certain amount of phrases are allowed per article.  Sites that accept SEO articles also have rules.  Blatant keyword stuffing, articles that are clearly nonsense due to excessive keyword use, work that lacks facts or is poorly written, and writing that uses black hat methods are unacceptable.  Most sites, Google included, catch onto these unethical articles and do not allow them to circulate. 

Now that you know what SEO copywriting is and how it can greatly benefit your business, look into hiring a copywriter that can help your company appear on the first page of search engine results.  The results will be an increase in profit and online visibility.  Call an optimizer today.

This article was written by Lucy Tellis, on behalf of I’mWrite, offering reliable and affordable SEO copywriting services. For top 10 don’ts on SEO copy writing, you may visit wikinewforum.

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