In Texas, a real Canadian winter might be hard to come by. After all, Texas is thousands of miles south from Canada. So unless those maple-leafed beer drinkers invade, there is no need to worry about a Canadian winter. Though there have been recorded periods of heavy snowfall and cold snaps in Texas, those are rare. A Texan snow show does not happen every winter.

Of course, it would be really, really cool to have a snow show in the middle of summer. Not one created by the weather, and not travelling to either the South of North poles. Imagine walking outside into 87˚ F, no clouds blocking the sun and no wind to ease the heat. Then imaging going to the local stadium or auditorium for a reprieve from the heat. This reprieve may be in the form of air conditioning, or it could be in the form of a snow show: ice sculptures and man-made snow and cold. Ducking into that place for five minutes would strip all the uncomfortable heat of the day away.

There are businesses around the world that create such an experience, though few of them are Canadian (why would those crazy Canucks want to make winter when they have to deal with it for eight months at a time?). These businesses specialize in creating a cool atmosphere: a snow show. They carve blocks of ice into animals, buildings, people and places for everyone’s enjoyment in the summer months. This would be a fun way to get out of the heat and relax in a Canadian fashion (because some of the businesses will provide parkas).

It is possible that one could catch cold while attending a snow show. Warm jackets are provided and sizes of all kinds are available, but hey, a cold may still have me caught. It is not one’s fault, but would not that be interesting? Catching a cold in 80˚F weather outside in a 9˚F controlled climate in the snow show!! The upside to catching cold is that one will get it in an interesting manner: while walking through an indoor ice wonderland, viewing life size sculptures of nutcrackers and the Grinch (who stole Christmas). There are even slides for the children built into the sculptures.

While a snow show might be different everywhere else in the world, it is still a unique experience for anyone involved. 40 internationally famous sculptors work for 28 days to create a wonderland using 2,000,000 pounds of ice. The height of the ceiling must be at least 15 feet to fit the castles and sculptures inside. The area needed to house the entire kingdom needs to be between 15,000 and 20,000 square feet that is about the size of half a football field. Half a football field’s worth of cool fun for the children and family, despite the weather outside! The most popular and professional of these businesses would have to be ISA Attractions. They have a team of dedicated sculptors and the equipment necessary to make a winter wonderland in the heart of Texas.

This article was written by Dani Suarez, on behalf of ISA Attractions, attracting millions of viewers around the world to enjoy spectacles of the Iceland. To know more about snow sculptures, you may also visit

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