A house floor plan, if drawn to scale, can be of inestimable use in your interior planning and design. You can see the exact shapes of your rooms and placement of openings such as doors, windows, furniture and fixtures. The house floor plans will also help you to take measurements of remaining spaces for new appliances or furnishings. You can also use the dimensions of items provided by the manufacturer to see if a particular item will fit in your new arrangement.

Purchasing materials for building a house or office depends upon the house floor plans. Using a software program to calculate your measurements will offer an accurate materials list, which you can use when purchasing your materials for the build. There are software programs that you can purchase, or web based programs that you can use online directly. This will allow you to calculate your material requirements based on your floor plan measurements. Deriving the material list from the house floor plans has few benefits. If you have multiple house floor plans, you can get the estimate of different house floor plans and make a budgetary analysis, and come up with the floor plan that would be cost effective. It also enables the procuring of materials easier, as you can buy it in advance, to eliminate price inflation and obtain better rates from the vendor. The process of calculating a material list from a software program is mentioned below:

    You can enter the measurements of your floor plan into the designated boxes of the software. The software will ask for detailed measurements of every item, such as floors, interior walls, exterior walls, windows, door, siding, roof, stairs and beams. Depending upon the size of your building and the number of openings and floors this may take a few minutes to hours.

    There is also an option in the software, where you can add any additional items that your build includes.

    Once you have made all the entries in the software program, you can review the entries for any changes or data entry errors.

    After reviewing the entries made in the software program, you can submit the same and obtain a material list.

    You can now get your material list from the house floor plan. If you have multiple house floor plans, you can obtain the material lists required and make a budgetary analysis for cost effectiveness and other parameters if any.

Some of the other points to be considered while deriving house floor plans from the software program are:

    Ensure that the data entry is complete in the software. You can use different color highlighters to mark areas on your floor plan that will go together, such as windows. Make sure that you do not leave any items out.

It is possible to create a manual material list by hand, by referring to the house floor plans. However, this needs experience in civil works as a civil engineer or a billing engineer. Unless you are an experienced civil engineer or having experience in the industry, doing the job yourself is a risky proposition. There are several firms, which offer different house floor plans, which will reduce your workload and make your job easier.

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