Joomla is one of the most popular content management systems. It is advanced than wordpress, and provides a wide variety of features for small and medium sized businesses. It is a free open source framework and content publishing system designed for creating highly interactive multi language websites, online communities, media portals, blogs and e commerce applications. In this article, let us discuss the benefits of Joomla SEO.

Automatic Keywords Linking
Internal linking is the key to success in SEO. For example, linking a sales page to every mention on your site of that page’s important keyword will help to associate that keyword with the page and will help to improve search engine optimization. With Joomla SEO, you can
    Add Joomla internal links throughout the website
    Add tool/tips tags to the link
    Choose which pages the links will work on
    Associate pages with certain keywords and phrases
    Automatically link any article, menu item or URL

Automatically Add ALT Tags

One of the hidden secrets of SEO is to add keywords to your images. Optimizing images is important in search engine optimization for Joomla websites. The ALT tag attribute is a critical aspect to ensure better rankings for your website.

SEO Stats
Each of the Joomla SEO stats numbers take you to a page where you can see all items and optimize further. For example, clicking on the ‘missing title meta tag ‘number will take you to a list of all the items that are missing title metatags.

Monitor Keywords

With Joomla SEO, you can track keywords on google, view stats of the ones that are up or down so that you can optimize them accordingly, to your website.

Easy Navigation:

 Joomla designed web pages are simple and easily navigable. It helps you to design an organized layout, which can attract many visitors to your web page.

 Easy to Maintain:

Joomla SEO helps you to manage all the content, pages, graphics and documents through a secured backend administration system. Using this system, it is possible to create, edit, hide or delete content easily.

Suitable for Modern Marketing:

Joomla SEO has a variety of key optimization aspects built in, which makes the website and the pages rank well in the search engine.

Built in basic SEO Functionality:

SEF URL’s are built in Joomla. All you need to do is to enable them to work on your Joomla website. SEF links bring huge benefits to your search engine rankings. Additionaly, Joomla SEO also allows you to explicitly set the meta description and the meta keywords of any page, which also props up your search engine rankings.

For any website, SEO friendliness is the key factor through which it gets better chance to be sighted by a prospect. Joomla SEO offers various attributes such as title management, alt-text, landing page management, generator tag, site verification, meta data, back links and much more to improve the visibility of your website.

This article was written by Israel Stengle on behalf of Joomla SEO Help, we can help your new or established Joomla website rise in the search engine rankings and gain more organic traffic. To understand the differences between SEO and SEM, visit

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