Chinese acrobats are the stars of the Cirque Shanghai, making it one of the most beautiful and theatrical performances enjoyed by audiences worldwide. Their grace and death defying acts keep audiences of all ages enthralled in awe.  The heritage of Chinese acrobats is in-depth and abundant. The art has existed in China for over two thousand years. During the course of its development, the art has created its own brand of style. Anciently, acrobatics came from the life of the people and was closely linked to their lives and labor.

Anciently, Chinese acrobats held contests to compare the skills of each contestant to see who the best was. As time went by, the acrobatic talents were passed down. As the art became more popular, the competitions did too. Chinese acrobats performed shows in front of rulers and kings at different ceremonial events. They traveled in groups, known as festivals and became famous for their skills and talents.

Instruments used for work such as wicker rings, tridents, plates, tables, bowls, jars and chairs were added to the acts of Chinese acrobats, in “Hoop Diving,” “Balance on Chairs,” Jar Tricks,” and “Flying Trident,” performances.

Chinese Acrobats in the 20th Century

Around the middle of the 20th century a great effort has gone into the fostering and development of the national arts which has brought new life into acrobatics. All religions, provinces and municipalities in China have created troupes of acrobats. Chinese Acrobats have established a system to create an elegant stage image; symphonic musical accompaniment; supporting effects using lighting, costumes, and props to bring together the developed stage art that we see today.

Presently, the state of Chinese acrobats, and their art, reflects the resourcefulness, industry, and endless bravery of the Chinese culture and people. Around the 1970s troupes of acrobats have entertained audiences in over 100 regions and countries all over the globe, promoting their culture and making friends. Today, there are over 120 of these troupes with over 12,000 acrobats.


Chinese acrobats are now trained at academies. Even though only a few of the initial decedents remain, the art is still thought to be one of the best watched theatrical performances.
Chinese Acrobats in the Cirque Shanghai

The world-class acrobats who perform in the Cirque Shanghai have performed in prestigious venues across the globe. The way they defy nature and stun crowds with their skills, has quickly brought attention and acclaim to their craft. So much so that audiences want to see more after every show.  Universally embraced, internationally acclaimed, the Chinese acrobats in the Cirque Shanghai, make the show appealing to all ages, and it is the best way to entertain and mesmerize thousands of visitors, or small groups.

Chinese Acrobats – World’s Greatest Acts

From the beginning to end, audiences are on the edge of their seats waiting to see what happens next. Children and adults alike, are astounded by the acrobatic acts, and audibly show it my cheering, clapping, standing, and uttering how good the show is.

The Cirque Shanghai features magical Chinese acrobats performing spell bounding acts, including:

    Motorbike Globe of Death

    Giant Wheel of Destiny

    Candlelight Contortion

    Group Swinging Pole Act

This article was written by Annelle Curbo, on behalf of ISA Attractions, entertaining guests from all over the world for over 20 years. To know more about Chinese acrobats, you may visit Wikipedia.

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