Ab workouts can literally be done anywhere. Find a nice patch of grass, a clear piece of beach or use a soft mat and do it on your driveway! But then you have the problem of being in the public eye. No matter the position you are in, someone might be watching. Few people have enough self-confidence to publicly workout if not in a gym, which is much too bad because just like the Kegel exercise, ab workouts can be done without any special clothing, environment or preparation.

For ab workouts to be successful, one must feel the burn in your stomach region. Pat your belly. That is what you will be setting on fire in a few moments. A classic Ab workout is the sit up, and this one you can do anywhere. All you need is a comfy place for your spine and coccyx. Lie down and bring your knees up into the air, like you’re making a dual set of triangles with your legs, but with your feet flat on the ground. Then, pull your upper body (everything from the waist up) towards your knees. Bring your body as close to it as possible. You may hook your toes underneath something so your feet do not lift while you are pulling yourself forward, but be careful to not transfer some of the weight to your legs.

Try doing thirty sit-ups. Fifteen repetitions of these ab workouts will make you feel the burn if you are not used to it! The benefit, aside from a six-pack that could grate cheddar, will be felt after a few weeks of daily ab workouts. These include: greater physical fitness, weight loss, building muscle strength, reduces cortisol, and strengthening the immune system. Of course, these effects will take longer to see if one is only doing ab workouts. Complimentary exercise, like lifting weights, running, jogging, cycling or swimming, would help to see those effects faster. In as little as a month, you could see the positive effects of exercising your abs if you work out on a daily basis.

There are many more methods for successful Ab workouts. These include the bicycle, the captain’s chair, the exercise ball crunch, vertical leg crunch and reverse crunch. The Captains Chair and Exercise Ball Crunch are best done with equipment, while the others mentioned do not require anything other than a soft place to lie down. With almost all exercise, one should stretch beforehand. For ab workouts, use the Seal Stretch and then the Cat Stretch: start with your hands and knees on the ground, then lower your hips to the ground. Arch your back, head in line with spine, while your hips are pressed to the ground. Seal Stretch. Once that position has been held for a few moments, raise your hips back up and arch your back like a cat stretching out its limbs: bottom up, arms extended forward. Keep your head in line with your spine and maintain position for a few moments. Cat stretch.

Now you are ready for your Ab workouts. Happy exercising!

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