If you are looking for the right kitchen floor plans, you first need to be clear about how you want to use your kitchen space. You must take some time to plan the kitchen, if you are the chief cook and love to spend most of your time there. A nicely planned kitchen will increase the functional aspect and also make cooking a pleasurable experience for you.

While you choose the kitchen floor plans, you need to consider the location of your counters, refrigerator, cabinets and the oven. If all these items are stacked in one corner of your kitchen, you will be spending a lot of time walking back and forth to gather the necessary items.

Work triangles can be very suitable option for your kitchen. Your oven/cook up, refrigerator and the sink should be where you will be cooking and preparing dishes. So, make sure to keep this aspect in mind while choosing the right kitchen floor plan.

L shaped kitchen plans have also become a very popular option these days. You can get plenty of bench space to sit and prepare or serve out meals in this type of kitchen floor plan. You can fit in the work triangle with a maximum of three appliances on the adjoining wall or the same wall.

U shaped kitchen plans is another option where you can keep the appliances on different walls and create a work triangle. You can get sufficient countertop space this way and storage cabinets below.

Utility of the kitchen island is another factor that you need to consider. There must be sufficient space to prepare and serve meals. You must also have a sink placed there. Alternatively, you can also look for an island with butchers to cut and prepare foods.

G shaped kitchen floor plans offer the same space like the U shaped floor plans. The difference between the two lies in the fact that G shaped floor plans come with partial or peninsular fourth wall of additional cabinets.

If your kitchen space is not that big, a single wall layout is the most suitable option for you. The work triangle is less like a triangle and similar to a work line because of kitchen zones at one wall.

If you are looking into the functional aspects of the kitchen floor plans, each of the aforementioned plans comes with a practical use. You must be very careful while considering the storage space and the counter space. Kitchen spaces, which have a well planned cabinet and storage space, will be useful irrespective of whether the space is small or big.

You can also get in touch with the contractors and architects online to choose the most suitable kitchen floor plan for your house. An expert will suggest you the right plans after carefully considering your requirements. So, whether you are buying a new house, or remodeling your old kitchen space, you will certainly benefit from the experts options.

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