Pilates refers to a systemized exercise form developed by Joseph Pilates, who emigrated from Germany in 1920 and landed in the New York City. Pilates emphasizes on trunk muscles, back and abdominals. People tend to nurture a misconception that Pilates is meant for dancers to help them retain a toned and balanced body. Today, it has evolved as a mainstream exercise practice and is used for rehabilitation as well. Those engaged in a 9 to 5 desk job can get their posture correct and improve body mechanics with regular Pilates exercise that can help in preventing body asymmetries and injuries.

Pilates reformer is a very common machine used for performing the exercises. Pilates reformer invented by Joseph Pilates use tension, springs and resistance. Exercises can be performed on the mat as well. Mat Pilates or the “Stott Pilates” are quite challenging and thus you need to be very careful while performing them. Exercising on the reformer on the other hand improves your body position and you need not be that careful.

Body builders benefit immensely from Pilates that help in developing core muscles in supporting legs and arms. The sequential and safe form of exercise is safer for your joints and promotes musculature, long and lean legs that help to maintain good posture. Your body gets a complete workout with extension, rotation and flexion. You must go through all the movements in sequence in Pilates to get a toned and balanced body.

Fitness Pilates is recommended to those getting physically rehabilitated or recovering from injuries, as there is emphasis given on corrective, function, form and perspective exercises when working under the supervision of a trained teacher. Your oxygen intake is maximized with controlled breath work that helps in revitalizing your body. You end up feeling revitalized after Pilates workout. Once you are done with the regular exercise routine, you feel lot more energized due to increase in oxygen supply in your body.

Pilates is not the type of exercise to wear you out. It actually aims to help you feel energized and revitalized by increasing oxygen flow in your body. Once your body gets used to the exercises, it no longer appears intense. So, if you have the fear of getting started, you can be assured of the fact that you can do well even as a beginner.

Pilates exercises are suitable for all skill levels and ages. Those suffering from back problems have particularly benefitted from Pilates exercises. The comprehensive rehabilitation program aims to make you feel emotionally and mentally balanced to enjoy a relaxed and calm feel. Pilates have become popular all over the world that includes diverse range of people including actors, dancers, athletes, fitness enthusiasts, the aged, young and those suffering from different physical ailments.

So, if you are planning to join a Pilates studio, make sure to find a reputed training center in your locality. If you are a beginner or in case you are suffering from some ailments, you must be under the supervision of a trainer to make the most of Pilates.

This article was written by Rosamond Berber, on behalf of Pilates Flow @ 2nd, helping you attain the perfect balance between your mind and body. To know about Pilates reformer, you may visit Wisegeek.com.

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