There are multiple reasons that you might be looking for accounting firms so when you start looking it is best to find one that is able to assist you with all of the needs your business has - including those specific services that no one in your business can provide. Whether you are a business or an individual, it’s obvious that you want an accounting firm that provides quality service, but there are things you should know and take into account when searching through accounting firms for the right one.

Ask your family, friends, and trusted business acquaintances if they recommend a particular accounting firm or professional. Finding someone you trust that has personal experience dealing with a specific accounting firm is a great way to find a reputable company that you can trust and depend on for quality service. It’s advisable to find the accounting firms that have long established expertise dealing with businesses and individuals so that you are sure to get everything you need for the continued success of your company.

Do your research. Anytime that you are looking to hire someone for any kind of job you look at their history, track record, number of years of experience, and professional qualifications. The internet is a great source to find bad and good reviews from others that have used a particular company. Many accounting firms have websites that provide you with tons of information, but you are going to want to take it a step farther and use search engines to look up the business for access to all the unbiased opinions and information about them that is available on the internet. It is important to note that not everything on the internet is true, but you have to use your best discretion when it comes to sorting out the information you find.

Make sure that you take the time to meet with at least three accounting firms before making a decision to commit to any particular one. After talking with people that recommend certain accounting firms, plus the research you do online on your own, you are going to find that there is typically more than just one candidate that you feel will be a good asset to your business. Make a list of the accounting firms that appealed to you, and set up appointments with them all. Consider the meeting an “interview,” and take the time to ask questions regarding your requirements so you are confident in your final choice out of the firms.

It is also pertinent that you verify if all your considerations have a physical office location, and are in good standing with the Better Business Bureau, and have affordable prices. You do need to safeguard yourself against being taken in by a scam artist or highly inexperienced individual. In the end, when you are selecting accounting firms, it is important that you are completely informed and aware about all your choices. Once you know that the candidates are able to meet your requirements and accountancy tasks, it simply ends up being a decision based on your gut feelings from your meetings with them.

This article was written by Roosevelt Brangers on behalf of RBZ, we are one of the largest Los Angeles based public accounting firms, serving businesses and individuals in the areas of tax, assurance, accounting and business management since 1975. To know the federal income tax brackets and marginal rates visit

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