One of the most populous cities in the US is the New York City. According to reports New York is the  most densely populated city in the US. There are five boroughs in the NYC, so if you are traveling to the city, let us have a look at the attractions that you cannot afford to miss.

•    When you travel to New York City, make sure to visit the Central Park located in the most densely populated area of Manhattan.

•    If you want to visit the home of the New York Yankees, you must make it a point to visit the Yankee stadium in Bronx. It is the largest metropolitan zoo that houses more than 6,000 animals. The Bornx is the birthplace of hip hop culture and rap.

•    When you travel to New York City visit Brooklyn known for its ethnic, social and cultural diversity, independent art scene, distinctive architectural heritage and distinct neighborhoods.

•    Queens is one of the largest borough and the most ethnically diverse county in the US.

•    If you are looking for suburban areas, you must travel to the Staten Island while travelling to the NYC.

•    You can enjoy a variety of cuisines in the New York City that bears the influence of immigrant history. When you travel to the New York City, you can find New York style pizza, cheesecake and European style bangles. With more than 4,000 licensed mobile food vendors, there is no dearth of kebabs and falafels when you travel there. Some of the most diverse haute cuisine restaurants that you must visit are the ski center in Manhattan, North Creek, and First Lake. 

•    If it is the Thanks Giving day, ensure that you are not missing the extravagant Thanksgiving Day parade and Saint Patrick's Day parades.

•    If you are fond of the Green environment, you must head towards the Central Park at the central part of Manhattan. When you travel to the New York City, you must check out the Tavern in the Central Park. This holds equally true for the other soulful food destinations like real life soup nazi - Al Yeganeh, Sylvia's Restaurant in the NYC.

•    Last but not the least; you cannot afford to miss the famous icons like the Statue of Liberty, view from the Staten Island ferry, or the Statue via ferry, when you visit this wonderful place on earth.

As you can see there is no dearth of places when you travel to the New York City. These attractions have been grabbing attention of travelers all over the world. Browsing the Internet will help you get detailed information about the weather round the year, best time to visit and the attractions that you cannot miss in New York. These travelling tips can help you pack your bags accordingly and also make the most of your trip to the NYC.

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